Sequential object-oriented simPlex

How to use SoPlex as a callable library

Namespace "soplex"

The entire SoPlex code is contained in the namespace soplex. Because of this, either all classes and methods must be qualified by the prefix "soplex::" or a "using namespace soplex;" must be present.

Interface class

The main interface is given by the class SoPlex, which handles the construction and modification of an LP, the solving process, allows to access and change parameters, and retrieve solution information.

A basic example on how to construct and solve an LP via the class SoPlex is given in the file example.cpp.

Deprecated 1.x interface

With version 2.0, the SoPlex class has been updated significantly compared to the 1.x version. Although this is deprecated, it is still possible to use the 1.x interface class by compiling with LEGACY=true (using the provided Makefile) or compiling with the preprocessor flag SOPLEX_LEGACY. This deactivates the functionalities to solve LPs exactly.